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Activity: Battleships Orienteering (4 Figure Grid References)

Children use four-figure grid referencing and orienteering skills to play a competitive team game.


  1. Children play in small teams. Two teams play against each other.
  2. They try to sink each other’s battleships by identifying their locations, using four-figure grid references from their Enrich Orienteering Maps.
  3. When they successfully identify the location of a battleship, they record the marker number to show that they have sunk it.

    Key Facts

  • Geography
  • OAA
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Competitive Team Game
  • Geographical Skills and Fieldwork
  • Grid Referencing
  • Activity Sheet Download Required
  • Orienteering Control Markers Required
  • Orienteering Map (With Grid Reference)
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Session Downloads

Battleships Orienteering
4 Figure Grid References
Activity Plan

.pdf122 KB


Battleships Orienteering
4 Figure Grid References
Activity Sheet

.pdf398 KB