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Activity: Hunt the Control

Children use their orienteering maps to locate selections of control markers. They find the number of the control point on their map and record it beneath its image on their Activity Sheet.


  1. Children find the locations of control markers using their orienteering maps.
  2. When they locate a control marker, they find the number of its control point on their orienteering map.
  3. They record the number of the control point beneath the image from the control marker on their Activity Sheet.

    Key Facts

  • Geography
  • OAA
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Orienteering
  • Activity Sheet Download Required
  • Orienteering Control Markers Required
  • Orienteering Map Required
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Session Downloads

Activity Plan

.pdf158 KB


Activity Sheet

.pdf128 KB


Orienteering Marker

.pdf121 KB