Pack of 5 x Official Youth Quidditch Quaffle Ball

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The official youth quidditch Quaffle is the first-ever sport-specific match ball for the game of quidditch.

The bronze ball is 210mm and of high quality, durable, and suitable for regular usage. A tough polyurethane skin outer is easily wiped clean after use. It is most suitable for use on grass or indoor surfaces, in keeping with where and how the sport is played.

The Quaffle is the only official youth quidditch Quaffle on sale, anywhere in the world and it is fully endorsed and produced by ‘The Youth Quidditch Group’.

The Quaffle ball is safety tested to EU Standards.

Official Youth Quaffles can be bought as a part of the starter pack or as a stand-alone product in this pack of 5.

The Pack of 5 Quaffles costs £144 Including VAT